Schools Using Twitter to Excel Learning Environment

This is a very interesting video about how a professor from UT Dallas is incorporating Twitter into her curriculum. From an online school perspective, Twitter can be an effective tool for online teachers and students. Since students do not meet in a classroom in an online setting, the micro-blogging service can allow instructors to have an open dialog with their students.

Do you think using Twitter in an online school setting is effective or distracting? Watch the video below and post a comment with your thoughts and opinions.


~ by pinnaclepov2224 on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Schools Using Twitter to Excel Learning Environment”

  1. Twitter would be an excellent tool to use. The service can give teachers a new way to engage students and have meaningful group discussions. Many students are already using Twitter to communicate with friends outside of class, so adding it to the classroom could be very appealing.

  2. It is often difficult for traditional schools to accommodate changes in technology or methodology. The use of this technology in education is definitely still in its infancy, but I see it taking off.

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