Congratulations to Our August Students of the Month!

A big congrats to our August Students of the Month at our Mesa campus! They did an excellent job! Here are profiles of each student:

George J. (P&CE Class) – Enlisting his friends and family for help, keeping results in mind, constantly prioritizing & removing distractions by tracking his progress!!! Way to go, George…

Norma E. – She is a great student!  She is helpful to others, dedicated to fulfilling her goal of graduation, has a positive outlook/attitude, and is just a nice person.  Norma will stay to work on school work just because!  She is awesome!

Joanne C. – Joanne has really improved in her attendance, and is making an effort to always being on time.  She has no difficulty asking for help and is a hard worker.  Joanne has also improved the quality of the assignments she’s turning in, and her grades show!  She’s off to a great start!!

Keiby R. – She is almost always here, and when she misses time she has always made it up. She is working well in both her classes and even got a compliment from her Physical Science instructor for her work on the density lab (that most students aren’t doing well on).  YAY!


~ by pinnaclepov2224 on September 15, 2009.

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