The Impact of the Arizona Distance Education Law on Pinnacle Education

Written by: Dr. Mike Matwick

The current change in the Arizona distance education law places Pinnacle Education and its business service group, InnovatED in a unique position. With the implementation of the new law, school districts across the state will be seeking out experienced, high-quality providers of content, infrastructure and support, upon which they will build their own online program.  By partnering  InnovatED, a distance learning provider, those districts seeking a turn-key solution to their distance learning needs, will be able to leverage the extensive experience, infrastructure and support methods that have been employed since 1999 by Pinnacle Education. By partnering with an experienced provider, with proven systems, school district partners will gain the immediate benefits of distance learning, without the potential pitfalls of growing their own programs.


~ by pinnaclepov2224 on September 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Impact of the Arizona Distance Education Law on Pinnacle Education”

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