We’re Making Improvements For the New Year

2009 is coming to an end and 2010 is already looking bright.  Pinnacle has just successfully completed a significant upgrade to its course management system.  The upgrade took much cooperation and hard work on the part of many Pinnacle team members.  Ultimately, all of this effort was aimed at improving the educational experience of our students.  With the improvements made to the system, students can expect to see:

  • easier navigation – improved breadcrumbs
  • faster performance within their courses
  • enhanced features within their courses

Most importantly, to all  Pinnacle students — the course log-in page has changed.  All Pinnacle students now access their courses by going to http://learning.innovat-ed.com .  So make sure and change your bookmarks.  We’re also sending a shout-out to our students, should you encounter any errors please report them to your instructor so we can get them resolved as quickly as possible.

We are very excited about the new improvements to the learning management system, this will be one of many new changes and improvements that will be part of the Pinnacle student experience.  We’re focused on delivering an exceptional educational experience that promotes student success through innovative solutions.  2010 is going to be a year of success for many, many Pinnacle students!

~ by azmegan on December 23, 2009.

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