Congratulations to Our ’09 Graduates!

On December 16, 2009, Pinnacle Education held its Fall Graduation Ceremony at the Mesa Convention Center. More than 70 students from our virtual and campus programs walked in the ceremony and received their diplomas.

Several Pinnacle staff members were on hand to participate and congratulate the students in attendance.

Dr. Mike Matwick, CEO of Pinnacle Education, was the keynote speaker for this year’s graduation and urged the students to create their own path to success.

“The students graduating tonight have demonstrated commitment, dedication, flexibility and resolve in attaining this accomplishment and are well-prepared to step into today’s demanding economy,” said Matwick during his speech.

Along with Matwick, several student speakers also shared their story with the more than 150 friends and family members in attendance.

Erin Blake, a 2009 graduate, was one of the speakers and was grateful for the help that she received from Pinnacle.

“Pinnacle has provided us with the knowledge and skills needed to help us achieve our goals,” said Blake as she addressed the crowd. “The flexible schedule, amazing teachers and great counselors helped me become the graduate I am today.

Pinnacle also presented scholarships to four graduates, including Sarah Turpin.

“It [graduation] means accomplishment,” said Turpin. “This chapter in my life is finished and I can now focus on the future.”

Turpin plans to go to the University of Arizona to study nursing.


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