Pinnacle Online Instructors Now Available for Elluminate Chat

As part of our new fall engagement strategy, Pinnacle Education online instructors will now be available via Elluminate chats to assist students.  Some teachers used Elluminate in the spring semester last year, but we are happy to say that EVERY instructor will be available for at least one hour a day in their virtual classrooms this semester.  Counselors are also available for our VHS students, which is another exciting addition!

We have created a downloadable PDF that lists all of the instructors/counselors available in Elluminate by subject area.  You can use this schedule to see when teachers and counselors are available for one on one help. Please remember that our instructors cannot be available all of the time, but during our scheduled hours, both instructors and counselors will do their best to accommodate student requests.

Download the PDF from the link provided below.

Elluminate Schedule for Instructors


~ by pinnaclepov2224 on August 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pinnacle Online Instructors Now Available for Elluminate Chat”

  1. Before I enroll my daughter, I would like to know more about the Junior English course…for example, does it include reading novels? If so, which ones?

    Thank you

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