words of wisdom from ur teacher on how 2 do gr8t in ur online classes this year

By: Kristen Boomer

if you can believe it, there was a time b4 cell phones when people had to talk to each other in person, call from home, or even ,*gasp*, write a letter.  now, though, cuz we have so many ways in american society to take shortcuts, it becomes a bad habit for you to transfer those shortcuts to your schoolwork.  in an online class where everything is typed the same way u would type a text msg, it becomes even easier to fall into bad habits!


As an iPhone junkie, I recognize the difficulty in adapting technological lingo into professional writing.  However, it isn’t impossible, I promise!  You can learn the shift key, and capitalize all the I’s in your writing pretty easily, without changing a single text habit.  Recognizing you have a problem is the first step to recovery.  Then, instead of falling into bad habits in schoolwork, you can use technology to your advantage!  Using grammar and spelling check in word processing programs will actually help you fix these shortcuts in language so that instructors will not have to take off silly points for “b4” instead of “before”.  To make sure you get credit for all of your great ideas and insights, check your work for the following common text messaging lingo that might creep into your formal schoolwork:

  1. Capitalize Your I’s!  Every time you speak in first person, no matter what the class, I is always capitalized!
  2. “U” is not a word!  It won’t take long to type those two extra letters in “you”, I promise.
  3. Formal language does not contain numbers and letters!  If you check your work b4 your turn it in, you will do gr8t!
  4. Write out the word “because”…because I said so!  “Cuz” has never and will never be a word.  This also applies to using “cause” as a shortened form of because.  It has an entirely different meaning!
  5. Here’s the big one that will apply to every single course: NEVER USE “IDK”.  Why? Because we want you to actually make an effort and try on your schoolwork! You never lose points for trying. Besides, “IDK” is also not a word!

Students in an online class should read and remember these tips for success in any of their classes.  When you login to a class, log out of these bad text message habits, and your grades will go up!

~ by pinnaclepov2224 on October 6, 2010.

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