Let World of Work… Work for you!

By: Vince Mosca & Kristen Boomer

Did you know that over two-thirds of American high school students are employed? That’s 5.5 million youth between the ages of 12 and 17 (Child Labor Coalition)! World of Work is an amazing Pinnacle program that allows students to earn elective credit while they work at a jobsite. Many of our students are balancing work and school, amongst other responsibilities. At Pinnacle, we want to reward those students who are able to maintain multiple responsibilities, including real-world job experience.

To be eligible for the program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. A student must be within 1.5 core credits of graduating (3 classes or less)
  2. A student must need elective credits to meet graduation requirements (9 elective credits are required for graduation)
  3. A student must have a job where he/she works a minimum of 20 hours/week
  4. A student must be enrolled at one of Pinnacle Education’s campuses (Tempe East, Tempe West, Mesa, Casa Grande, or Nogales site).

Students are required to work 20 hours a week, but many will work more. Students will turn in pay stubs as proof of employment and hours worked. Also, students will supplement this quantitative data (data that is numerical in nature, and can be measured) with journal entries and essays regarding their work experiences for qualitative data (data that looks at the quality of something that cannot necessarily be measured purely by numbers). Although students have to complete supplemental information regarding their work experience, this process is definitely less time-consuming than taking additional elective courses, and rewards students for their accountability and additional real-world responsibilities!

If a student decides to participate in World of Work (WOW), their employment, combined with the required quantitative and qualitative data described above will satisfy an elective credit. A student that satisfies all criteria will earn half an elective credit every three weeks. That means that if a student participates in WOW for an entire semester, he/she will earn three elective credits!

Sometimes our students feel overwhelmed towards the end of high school with deadlines, requirements, and impending adulthood. Often, high school graduation feels a million miles away, and other responsibilities in life take priority over education. World of Work is a great way to earn elective credits as well as learn real-world experience in the workforce. If you are a student who meets the requirements above, and you’re interested in World of Work, speak to your Personal and Career Explorations teacher or your online counselor as soon as possible.


Cited Information: “Youth Employment Statistics”. StopChildLabor.org. 29 Sep 2010. Online. 2000. http://www.stopchildlabor.org/uschildlabor/statistics.htm


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