Congratulations to Our Site Staff

I wanted to share the great news that on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 4-5, Tempe East, Mesa, Nogales and Casa Grande hosted the Quality Assurance Review teams from AdvancED at their sites. This visit required approximately 8 weeks of preparation and planning by the site staff and principals teams, including a self-assessment against AdvancED standards and gathering of data and artifacts to support progress against the standards. I am happy and proud to report that all sites involved in the QAR visit will be retaining their accreditation, and that many of the site scored as “highly proficient” in many of the standards. Congratulations to all of the staff at the sites involved, and to the principal team for this accomplishment.

In addition, I’d like to thank Char Brown, Lois Salmon and Betty Matwick for being the on-site support person during the visit. The QAR teams were impressed by the district leadership commitment to their process and commented that our sites get great support, and that it’s obvious that everyone on staff is aligned with the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Also, I’d like to thank Betty, the PCE staff, Cherril Madsen and Carolyn Edmund for being the hospitality team for the visits. EVERY team commented on how warmly they were welcomed.

In the past, we have hosted visitation teams, but this visit was remarkably different in that the evaluators voiced their observations related to the fact that as an organization, we are aligned with providing an “exceptional educational experience” for our students, and that the concern, compassion and professionalism of the staff comes through in all of their observed interactions. Congratulations to all. This is a very proud moment for the entire organization!

Thank you for all of your effort in making this happen,

Dr. Michael Matwick


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