The Importance of Attendance

By: Matthew Blair, Virtual Guidance Counselor

Greetings Pinnacle students!!!

The following information explains in detail Pinnacle Education’s Attendance Policy.  You may always contact your Virtual Guidance Counselor, Concurrent Instructor, or Lab Manager for more information regarding attendance.

Why do I have to enter minutes daily?
Why does my Guidance Counselor/Instructor call me when I don’t log attendance time, but I am submitting work and logging into my courses?
What happens if I don’t enter time every day?
Will I still earn credit if I don’t enter my attendance?
What do I need to do to me sure I am meeting all of my attendance requirements?

  1. Students enrolled with Pinnacle are assessed on Time (attendance), Pace, and Grade.  Time refers to the amount of time you are logging everyday your course(s).  Pace refers to how you are progressing through your courses.  Grade refers to the quality of work you are completing.
  2. The State of Arizona bases your attendance strictly off of the attendance time you are logging daily.  If you are not entering minutes/hours, essentially the State views you as absent.  There is a possibility you will not earn credits if you are not entering time.

FYI:  Student’s will be contacted by Pinnacle if they are logging into their courses and not submitting attendance time.  THIS IS  VERY IMPORTANT!

The staff here at Pinnacle thanks you very much for taking the time to log minutes daily.  If we can be of any assistance, feel free to contact us via phone or email.


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