Pinnacle Periodical Submission Rules

We are now accepting submissions for the Pinnacle Periodical!

Written submissions are being taken in the categories of poetry, short stories, narratives, editorials, and research. Selected articles will be placed in a monthly periodical with all pieces copyrighted. There will also be an opportunity to share photos and other forms of visual art, via the internet. That means that you might become a published author or artist.

To submit any piece of writing or art/photography to Pinnacle Periodical, you must first follow the following rules (no exceptions):

  • All submissions must be accompanied by a Media Release Form:  Scan and send with submission. Download Media Release
  • All written submissions will be in the genres of poetry, short stories, narratives, research or editorial.
  • Photos, sketches and graphic art must be scanned and submitted through e-mail.
  • Submissions will be reviewed, edited, and considered for publication by end of every month.
  • All submissions must be school appropriate in context.
  • Permission to copyright all work must be accepted before any submission will be published. Use the link above for the release form application.
  • Only e-mailed submissions will be accepted. (Do not mail or hand in submissions to any person within Pinnacle Education organization. They will not be accepted.) Send submissions with media release form to
  • Submissions will be used only once unless otherwise stated beforehand.

All students and staff of Pinnacle Education are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact Kristen Boomer at or call her at 480-755-8222 x2903.

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