NCAPinnacle Education is accredited by two of high education’s most important accreditation bodies, the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). Accreditation ensures that the credits earned by students at Pinnacle National High School will be accepted at any high school and also will be recognized by colleges and universities.

In 2003, Pinnacle sought and received accreditation by CITA, an alliance of the largest American accrediting associations that has accrediting authority in not only the United States but throughout the world. The accrediting associations that make up CITA are responsible for evaluating and accrediting more than 30,000 schools in 100 countries.

CITAA CITA accreditation indicates that a school’s educational services, staff and facilities meet or exceed essential standards of educational quality. CITA accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance, and is renewable every five years.

Pinnacle received its CITA accreditation following a lengthy evaluation process, which included a self-study and an on-site evaluation. A team of experienced educators evaluated Pinnacle Education to verify that it met the quality standards.

To maintain accreditation, Pinnacle must continue to meet the quality standards and engage in an improvement process that enhances student performance. Interim reports are required as part of a five-year accreditation cycle.

In 1996, Pinnacle was accredited by NCA CASI, which has accredited more than 9,000 schools in a 19-state region of the United States. It has received accreditation by NCA CASI every year since.

To earn its NCA accreditation, Pinnacle met the organization’s high standards following the evaluation by a team of education professionals from outside the organization. As with the CITA accreditation, the NCA accreditation requires that Pinnacle have a continuous instructional improvement plan that is focused on increasing student performance.

We Now Have NCAA-Approved courses!

We would like to announce that the NCAA has approved several core courses for use in establishing the initial-eligibility of student-athletes from Pinnacle Education. With this great news, any student-athlete who wishes to become NCAA-eligible can now use our unique and dynamic courses to obtain initial certification status. For a complete list of the approved courses, please look at the following PDF.

NCAA approved courses – Pinnacle Education Inc

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