Kendra’s True Story

Kendra with Horse

Starting next week, those who live in the Phoenix area will start to see billboards and other ads around the Valley that are the initial phase of our new True Story advertising campaign. We chose the True Story concept for a number of reasons. First, after researching our competitors, we noticed that a majority of their visuals we nothing but “iStock kids.” The photos were plain, over-used images of models acting like students, and this wasn’t the way we wanted to represent our students. Our students are real, unique and interesting, and the best way we could convey that was to use our own students in the campaign photography.

Second, all of our competitors focused on promoting the idea of online education. Their visuals were just simple images of kids in a classroom or in front of a computer. We felt like this presentation was overdone, so we wanted to do something completely different. For this campaign, we wanted to show what you can do and what you can become by being an online high school student, so we used images of our students in real life, doing what they love to do. By taking online classes, our students have the ability to follow their dreams and focus on doing what they love. Our students don’t live to go to school; they go to school so they can live.

One of our Pinnacle students who participated in the campaign is Kendra. She is one of our site students who attends our Tempe West campus and has been with Pinnacle for more than three years. When she is not in class, you can probably find her out in the stables spending time with her horses.

“I have a great love for animals,” said Kendra. “Some of my favorite things to do are to train and ride my horses.”

After high school, Kendra has aspirations of becoming a veterinary technician or registered nurse because she enjoys helping people and animals.

“People have told me that I am someone who is very comforting to talk to,” she said. “I want to share that to help others succeed.”

Kendra is an ideal choice to represent the Pinnacle student body. Our online high school courses gave her a great alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar education setting and our flexible course schedule allowed her to earn her high school diploma while focusing on her career goals and hobbies.

She is a true student of life.

~ by pinnaclepov2224 on October 14, 2011.

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